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Spalding Labs are the experts in fly control for your operation. Spalding Labs has provided successful fly control since 1976. Learn why!

Effective, economical fly control is hard. We are the experts.

With fly predators® and a good IPM program, we assist large scale operations in managing their fly populations

Spalding Labs are the experts in integrated pest management for commercial operations. The most crucial aspect of successful fly control is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Our proprietary Fly Predators®, native to North America, are the key component of any successful fly management program.

Fly Predators® are tiny insects that are the natural enemy of flies, but never bother people or animals. By releasing our Fly Predators® throughout your location, you’ll kill flies before they emerge. By taking a preventative approach rather than a curative approach, you will be saving money overtime. We will work with you to develop a custom IPM program suited specifically to your property.

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Who Is It For?

any operation that has a fly problem!

Equine Facilities

We provide fly management for equine facilities of any size. Click the button to get started!
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Commercial Ag

We provide fly management for any commercial ag business such as cattle, dairy, sheep, hogs, poultry, etc.
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Vet Hospital & Clinics

Veterinarians may work with a variety of animals and we can help keep your business fly free!
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Sanctuaries & Zoos

If you operate a zoo, sanctuary, wildlife theme park or any business with a large number of animals, we can help manage your fly control.
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Other Operations

We help many other commercial operations such as kennels, other ag operations, waste processing, breeding facilities, feedlots, etc. Contact us to see how we can help with your fly management problem!
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What Do You Get?

Customized Plan

Our support representatives will work with your operation to develop an IPM program tailored to your situation.

Reoccurring Shipments

By subscribing to our program, we will send you regular, reoccurring shipments from spring through fall each year.

Customer Service Support

As a subscriber of Spalding Labs, we provide exceptional customer service via email, phone, personal representative, and more!

Customized Plan

Our support representatives will work with your operation to develop an IPM program tailored to your situation.

Reoccurring Shipments Tailored to Your Operation

By subscribing to our program, we will send you regular, reoccurring shipments from spring through fall each year.

Customer Service Support

We provide exceptional customer service via email, phone, personal representative, and more! Our support is American based and not an outsourced call center. Our representatives are a long tenure of experts (over 10 years), with Entomologists on staff.

Why Spalding?

Experts in natural fly control for almost 50 years

Our Fly Predators® are backed by science and peer reviewed studies. We have entomologists on staff with a specialized master degree in our bugs. We also custom developed our fly spray and continue to work on tick management.

Based on where you live, or the size of your operation, we will customize a IPM program for your specific animal or environmental needs.

We use Fly Predators® along with cultural, mechanical and chemical control methods to successfully manage your specific fly problem.

How Does IPM Work?

Fly Predators® and your IPM Program

Biological control is the use of a beneficial organism to control a pest organism. Fly Predators are a unique blend of species that work together to optimize biological control for filth flies, which is a key component of any IPM program.

What to Do: We will send you the ideal quantity of Fly Predators based on your situation. All you need to do is spread them in areas where flies reproduce, and Fly Predators will kill the flies before they emerge!

Cultural Control

Cultural control includes any measures taken to disrupt the ideal living conditions of target pests.

What to Do: You can help reduce fly populations by incorporating good manure management, using bedding materials that reduce fly production, use drying agents in wet areas, etc.

Mechanical Control

Mechanical control includes any means of physically removing pests.

What to Do: You can use fly traps, fans, and vacuums to remove or deter adult flies in the environment.

Chemical Control

Chemical control includes the use of pesticides, repellents, insect growth regulators (IGRs), or any other chemical means of killing or repelling flies.

What to Do: Although Fly Predators will do most of the heavy lifting reducing pest fly populations, the targeted use of premise sprays and baits can help to further manage adult fly populations on key areas of the farm.

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What Our Customers Say

From a variety of operations across the U.S.

Amanda R.Equine Fertility Specialties, Williamston, MI
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WOW! What a difference! I have been getting your fliers for a while but some clients finally convinced me to buy Fly Predators. I have recommended them numerous times and will continue to!
Shelby L.Hidden Acres Equine and K9, Endicott, NY
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This was my first year using Fly Predators. After having a HUGE issue with them last year, so bad you couldn't be outside with out getting swarmed by them, I had to do something... A friend recommended using Fly Predators. They have made a HUGE difference and I will never go another year without them!!!
Jennifer T.Supercharge Performance Horses, Cedar Springs, MI
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This is our 4th season using Fly Predators and we are seeing a huge improvement. We have not had to put any fly masks or sheets on the horses as of yet and they were normally covered with them by now.
Lisa C.Heringo Labradors, Endicott, WV
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I have had my dog kennel for 17 years and have tried a lot of different products and have felt up until now that I have wasted my money. When I received my first shipment of Fly Predators I was skeptical now I am just amazed. The ease of application is a major plus. I hardly ever see a fly and my dogs are very happy.
Jennifer B.Willow Run Veterinary Services, Cheney, WA
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We do notice a difference. We recommend Fly Predators to all our clients.
Vicki M.Sendero Whitetails, Lometa, TX
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No comparison to past years. Fly Predators have made a huge difference in the quantity of flies in the facility.
Linda H.Dearborn Stables, North, SC
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Both Fly Predators and traps have worked wonders. Blacksmiths and Vets love coming to our farm to work!

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